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Fantasy, Short The Witcher: First Hunt
Horror, Short Naked Zombie Girl
Action, Crime, Short Red Hood: The Fallen
Drama, Fantasy, Short Leave Me
Action, Drama, Short Sidekick
Animation, Comedy, Short Cro Minion

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Horror, Short, Thriller Penny Dreadful
Short, Thriller The Laughing Man
Drama, Horror, Short The Fisherman
Horror, Mystery, Short The Midnight Matinee
Action, Drama, Short Sidekick
Horror, Short The Oust
Action, Animation, Short Planet Unknown
Action, Animation, Short Two Worlds
Animation, Comedy, Short Accidents, Blunders and Calamities
Drama, Short A Short Film About Execution
Comedy, Drama, Short Yikes
Drama, Romance, Short Through It All
Action, Crime, Short Red Hood: The Fallen
Animation, Sci-Fi, Short Battery Life
Animation, Short Stick Man
Drama, Sci-Fi, Short Gadget
Fantasy, Short Hope: Superman Fan Film
Drama, Short Killer in Red
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